A Birthday Wish for Our Special Angel

Erica Bayliss with Teacher

For Erica, our special child in Heaven.

On this day of joy, when candles gleam, A celebration of Heaven’s special dream.

A birthday song with melody sweet, For a precious soul, a heart’s heartbeat.

In the dance of stars and the moon’s soft glow, A tale of resilience, a spirit to know.

For every year, a chapter unfolds, A journey of courage, where love warms the cold.

In your laughter, echoes celestial cheer, A symphony of joy, so crystal clear.

Each candle flickers a radiant spark, A shining light through the dark.

Heaven’s special child, a gift so divine, Your presence, a blessing that continues to shine.

May each passing year bring newfound grace, And love to surround you in a warm embrace.

On this special day, may dreams take flight, With love as your guide, like stars in the night. Happy birthday, dear one, with Heaven’s precious smile, A celebration of you, and joy that spans miles.

Doug Bayliss

Sadly Erica passed just before her 9th birthday. This website is a thriving memorial.

I did have some help:
OpenAI. (2024). ChatGPT (3.5) [Large language model].

Heaven's Special Child