Jon is my long-time friend from Keystone College. Jared is our son and an amazing, amazing young man. Well, maybe he is not so young anymore!

Here is a picture gallery of some favorite times together! Check back from time to time for more photos and maybe a story or two!

Erica aluminum recycling project collected 1,000's of pull tabs!
1,000’s of pull tabs!
1999 Pumpkin Fest in Littlestown, PA.
1999 Pumpkin Fest in Littlestown, PA.
Halloween Camping at a KOA
Sunday Newspaper!
Nice horns bub!
Me and Jared rode bikes all around Catonsville. I really enjoyed this time together!
My best friend Jon and Jared. We all spent a nice afternoon at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.
Erica loved playing race car up and down the driveway!
Erica Bayliss with Catherine and Jared Bayliss
Erica’s 1st Christmas!
Erica and her big brother Jared. May 2, 1992
May 2, 1992 A new born little sister.
Love this picture.
Aww, Mimi make it better.
A young Bayliss family!