How to Build Confidence

In my teenage years, my mother had a picture hanging in the kitchen foyer that I really liked. “Hitch your wagon to a star… and there you are.” It was drawing of an old man whisking across the universe, his wagon hitched to a star. It had a profound effect on me, I’ve always faced challenges head-on. I throw myself into challenging situations trying to succeed, is this how one hitches their wagon to a Read More

George Washington Bandle

Here is a very interesting story about the life of a great ancestor on Erica’s mother’s side. Erica’s maternal Grandmother’s maiden name was Warner and is mentioned several times in this story. This interview is an amazing peek into what life was like during the 1800’s in Illinois and the good moral values of our early citizens. Geo. W Bandle was a veteran of the Civil War.

Buckeye Invitational

The Heart of Maryland Chorus was invited to the “Buckeye” in 1996 after placing 3rd in an annual Mid-Atlantic District Contest. While most members and guests boarded a chartered bus to begin the long weekend, we chose to follow along in our camper! Since we camped often with Erica, it was much easier to follow an established routine. The Buckeye Invitational was an annual barbershop festival and competition hosted by the Singing Buckeyes of Columbus, Ohio each August. Open Read More

A Lesson in Acceptance

Hi there, thank you for stopping by. I would like to share a memorable family outing, involving my family and several work related visitors from Beijing, China who helped teach us a lesson in acceptance. It was 1991 and I worked for TREMA North America, Inc., based in Reisterstown, MD. Trema was in the business of the design and supply of industrial chemical processing equipment. After supporting the hiring my Father, remember I was the 1st Read More

Heaven’s Special Child

HEAVEN’S VERY SPECIAL CHILDA meeting was held quite far from Earth.It was time again for another birth.Said the Angels to the Lord above – “This special child will need much love. Her progress may be very slow Accomplishment she may not show. And she’ll require extra care From the folks she meets down there. She may not run or laugh or play Her thoughts may seem quite far away So many times she will be Read More