Erica vs. Pneumonia (again)

The Onset of Pneumonia October 2000 – Only a month into the school year and Erica missed a week of school! Why? She caught pneumonia again and this time spent three days in the hospital. This made three years in a row that she wound up with pneumonia after going back to school. This was the 1st time she had pneumonia twice within a month and we were concerned. December 2000 – Here we go again. This Read More

Home Medical Equipment

We had a lot of home medical equipment in our house which eventually started to take over. People used to joke about our house looking like a hospital and then suddenly we had a daunting collection of medical supplies and equipment. We’re Gonna’ Need a Bigger House We did eventually have to relocate but the main reason was so we could keep up with Erica’s care. Particularly, we needed a single-story house because she became Read More