Ronald W. Bayliss

Erica’s Paternal Grandfather Ronald W. BaylissDec. 14, 1933 – Jan. 15, 2018 I wrote this eulogy and gave it my dad’s memorial service. Eulogy for Ronald Walter Bayliss We are here to celebrate the life of Ronald Walter Bayliss, who was hardworking and steadfast in pursuit of his life’s ambitions. Yet he was kind, honest and trusting, and I am incredibly lucky, blessed even, and proud to say that Ronald Bayliss was my father. The Read More

Jeffrey F. Bayliss

Eric’a Uncle, Jeffrey Francis BaylissSep. 20, 1961 – Apr. 2 2014, 52 yrs I was not asked to speak at the memorial service for my brother but I did have something prepared. Just a short piece to basically say goodbye in a pleasant tone before family and friends -let’s be honest, there was no love lost between me and my brother. After listening to all the accolades throughout the service, even when they opened the Read More

N. Ruth Bayliss

Erica’s Paternal Grandmother N. Ruth BaylissMarch 29, 1933 – December 18, 2007 When asked if anyone had any words at the memorial service I stood up and read this poem. Death is Nothing at All Death is nothing at all.It does not count.I have only slipped away into the next room.Nothing has happened. Everything remains exactly as it was.I am I, and you are you,and the old life that we lived so fondly together is Read More

Erica Michelle Bayliss

Erica Michelle BaylissMay 3, 1992 – April 5, 2001 Our little Angel has gone to heaven but not before making a lot of friends along the way. Some of these special friends are pictured below. Erica told mommy she especially liked the “Rouge” pictured in the top left corner of this montage I made of Renaissance photos. We met “Bryan” at the Maryland Renaissance Fair, he was the percussionist in a band called “The Scottish Rouges.” Read More

Leonard E. Polyak

Leonard E Polyak Sr. Born: 27 Jun 1939 – Died: 6 Feb 1991 I cannot find an obituary or any information on Erica’s paternal grandfather (my father-in-law). Please drop me a line if you have any information. Memorial Service A memorial service was held at the Brigadier General William C. Doyle Veterans Memorial Cemetery 350 Provinceline RdWrightstown, Burlington, New JerseyUnited States Military Service MACHINIST’S MATE PETTY OFFICER 3RD CLASSUS NAVY Juanita Polyak in Memoriam