Catherine – Erica’s Big Sister

Cat and Erica

Our daughter, Catherine, was a huge help in caring for Erica. She changed diapers, helped feed and babysit, and “Cat” was a happy spark of life that brought joy to our family. In addition, she helped keep Erica engaged with playtime such as taking her for rides on the new 7-speed trike (pictured above.)

Here are some photos I recently found which convey this joy.

Catherine Christmas
My Princess!

Cat was not only Erica’s hero she was (and still is) my Princess.

Catherine cleaning her room!
A rare occasion! 🙂
Raining?? Blow bubbles inside!!
Raining?? Blow bubbles inside!!
3 Generations
3 Generations of Catherine’s.
Our first year in Flemington, NJ

We have so many great memories!