This story relives an episode with one of our helpful dogs, Archie, and our disabled 6-year-old daughter resulting in a trip to the E.R.

So here we were, a year or so in our new home in the country but missing the companionship of the dogs. Then one day this massive dog started hanging around our yard. What could I do? I let him in the house!

He was big, soft and super friendly. Everyone was taken to him and no signs were ever posted for a lost dog so we kept him. Maybe someone abandoned him on our country road because of his size?

Archi the incredible dog
Archie the incredible dog who somehow found us!

Archie was an incredible dog. He immediately took to us but somehow, he instinctively related to Erica and kept a watchful eye over her.

Enter the Helpful Dog

Here is the rather sudden occasion when Archie decided to be a helpful dog. However, his actions caused us a trip to the Emergency Room!

Our good boy decided to pull the Gastronomical tube, or G-tube out of Erica’s stomach!

As you may know, a “G-Tube” is the means by which people who can not swallow are fed. It’s a surgically implanted tube that not only allowed Erica to eat, but it’s how we gave her meds. There is an external connection to connect a feed pump for supplement feeding or a syringe to administer prescription drugs (Erica had what we affectionately called her “nighttime cocktail).

Archie’s motivation remains uncertain, maybe he thought it didn’t belong there and was simply trying to help. After all, he was totally Erica’s guardian! Regardless, I suddenly had a kid with an open hole in her side and it was seeping yuckiness.

Michelle was not home at the time. I called her and she said to get to the emergency room and she would be there soon.

Off to the E.R!

This was our first acquaintance with Gettysburg Hospital. We normally would schedule doctor visits to Carroll County Hospital in Westminster, MD or to the Hershey Medical Center.

The ER doctor had a hard time believing my story but its true I swear! The ER also did not have a replacement G-tube! Michelle went back to our house and picked up ours. We had a large collection of supplies.

Michelle also had to show the ER Doctor how the G-tube went in.  True story.

Rescue Dog named Archie
Archie was a big dog.

Sadly, a year after walking into Erica’s life, Archie was struck by a car and later died in the Vet’s office. The dumbass chased a squirrel into the road.

The Shar-Pei dogs we had in Maryland were sadly no longer with us for various reasons. Pugsly (left) was hit and killed by a car while in NJ, Smoochie (center) was given up because she became mean for some reason with the loss of Pugsly, and Sampson (left) was returned to his original owner.

Birthday Dogs!
Sampson, Smoochie (her Birthday) & Pugsly

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