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Looking Back on the Memory of the Dance We Shared

I wrote this poem for Michelle after she dared me to learn a song for her birthday.

You dared me to learn a song, and sing it for your Birthday.
A powerful song, and blue,
So I hope to get through,
All the words with such deep meaning.
But I’ll take this chance, and hope you’re entranced,
When I sing for you, Garth Brooks’ “The Dance.”

Doug Bayliss, 2/19/2022

The Dedication

Michelle might have suspected we were planning a party but she never, ever knew I learned this song.

So glad I managed to pull this off. It was well received!

Looking for a local band? The Go to Guys is a popular and awesome band who agreed to learn The Dance and accompany me!

#1 Local Band
Check them out!

Thank you to friends & family who helped make this a really, really great night.