Eric’a Uncle, Jeffrey Francis Bayliss
Sep. 20, 1961 – Apr. 2 2014, 52 yrs

I was not asked to speak at the memorial service for my brother but I did have something prepared. Just a short piece to basically say goodbye in a pleasant tone before family and friends -let’s be honest, there was no love lost between me and my brother.

After listening to all the accolades throughout the service, even when they opened the floor to anyone else to speak I was not so moved.

No Love Lost

A sad part of my family’s history. Here’s some of the reasons why.

  • Told us many times we should let Erica die. Why care for someone who will only be a burden to society?
  • Took bets on my wedding day on how long the marriage would last. -within earshot of Michelle! He remained at odds with Michelle from that day forward.
  • Physically attacked me in the office in front of the design staff after I stood up to him regarding his unscrupulous control of our father.
  • Responsible for the company going bankrupt in 1998 by prohibiting my negotiations with specific vendors, one in particular in which case a court filing could have been prevented (in my opinion of course).
  • Our dad gave the now the defunct business to him. He then ensured I was not part of the re-organization by continuing to poison our dad against me.
  • Allegedly stole one million dollars from to our Dad by funneling the money into a sheltered trust fund. Our dad suffered severe emotional distress during his last year on Earth because of this.
  • Sour Grapes? I don’t think so, he was an ass his whole adult life.
'nuff said
Uncle Jeff